I’m a self-taught artist, mangaka (comic creator) and photographer. I’ve been creating art as long as I can remember. Always fascinated by ancient civilizations, folklore and Mother Nature. I like to listen to music while writing my manga. The serenity and beauty of the countryside inspires me to create art and the world of my manga/comics.

Everything I make has a meaning; a message, something personal, thoughts, feelings and dreams. This is how I express myself and why I love creating art. I want to tell a story through my illustrations. Each image is drawn with a tale being told behind it.

I currently live in the countryside of Upstate New York in Chenango County. Aside from what I create, some of my hobbies include; birding, gamer, homesteading, going to festivals and playing musical instruments (guitar, wooden flute, taiko drum). I exhibit and sell my art at events and through my online shop, shinrinstudio.zibbet.com.

Shinrin Sam. Bros


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