A New Heroine in Comics: Ronin Yoshino

If you like strong, brave, female hero’s – check out Ronin Yoshino!

Ronin Yoshino [浪人吉野] is an original manga/comic book series written and illustrated by Shinrin Sam. Bros (me). It follows the exciting mythical adventures of a rebel female samurai named Yoshino who battles against an evil warlord’s samurai and monsters in order to help her friends, and the future of the people. Yoshino is a courageous heroine who likes adventures and fights against injustice.


The manga started in 2005. In 2006, chapter 1 won 3rd place at a ADV Films manga contest. A spinoff chapter titled ‘Hidesato’, won an Honorable Mention at a FUNimation manga contest in 2007. In 2010, the dragon in my chapter was crafted into a gliding sculpture by team Eroii Inaripati in Bucharest, Romania’s Red Bull FlugTag contest.


The idea of creating this comic began by researching ancient Japanese culture, mythology and music helps to inspire me. I draw the manga by hand and digitally add screentones and color using pencil, markers or digitally combining my nature photography. The environments illustrate the beauty of nature in Japanese woodblock inspired landscapes.


Visit the Ronin Yoshino website at, RoninYoshino.com Volume 1 is available for sale! Check it out: http://shinrinstudio.zibbet.com/ronin-yoshino-vol-1-manga-revamped-edition


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About Shinrin

Self-taught artist creating handmade figurines, illustrations and manga/comics. My website is - ShinrinArt.com
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