Happy Spring!

Happy Spring everyone! 🌸

Ronin Yoshino

Ronin Yoshino illustration of Yoshino, Kagekiri and their horse enjoying the weather.

Can’t wait for the earth to thaw, trees to turn green and for flowers to start blooming! I’m anxious to get started with planting organic vegetables, herbs and more wildflowers. No toxic Monsanto RoundUp or synthetic pesticides here! The honeybees and flutterflies love the wildflowers, dandelions and clovers. Soon the hummingbirds, bobolinks and orioles will return and the air will be filled with songbird melodies. 🙂


Beautiful giant dandelion flower! They’re amazing herbs! You can eat the leaves in a salad, the roots are medicinal, you can fry up the flowers and even make dandlion wine!

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About Shinrin

Self-taught artist creating handmade figurines, illustrations and manga/comics. My website is - ShinrinArt.com
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