Welcome to my new blog!

Hi, welcome to my new blog! I’ll be posting about my art, crafts and sketches. Feel free to check out the blog pages. My website is, shinrinart.com. I guess I’ll introduce myself?


I’m Shinrin Sam. Bros and am a self-taught artist, comic creator and photographer. I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember. Always fascinated by nature, animals, music, archeology and folklore. I live in the beautiful countryside of Upstate New York.

Besides creating art, some of my hobbies/interests include; birding, gamer, anime, homesteading, going to festivals and playing musical instruments (guitar, wooden flute, taiko drum). We have several pets – collies, a cat and a parrot. Ronin Yoshino is my original manga series. I exhibit and sell my art at events and through my online shop.


About Shinrin

Self-taught artist creating handmade figurines, illustrations and manga/comics. My website is - ShinrinArt.com
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One Response to Welcome to my new blog!

  1. Hi Shinrin thank you for follow my Blog and it is great to see that you have a new Blog! Keep sharing your beautiful art and from an artist to another keep creating! ❤

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